IAGI Board of Directors 2021 - 2023


Andrew Sanderson,Western Tank & Lining


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Andrew has over 15 years of experience at Western Tank & Lining with geosynthetics both installation and project management. He has successfully managed hundreds of projects including over 10 million square meters of HDPE / LLDPE liner installation. Andrew has a distinct reputation with owners and engineers for completing complex projects on schedule with out sacrificing spec or quality. Andrew has been involved and supporting IAGI since 2007. In his spare time Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, skiing and fishing.


1st Vice President

 Piet Meyer, Aquatan, Pty Ltd.


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Piet Meyer, Managing Director joined Aquatan in 1981. Aquatan is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Aquatan, previously Gundle Lining Systems, for the past 50 years (and still do) supply and install Geosynthetic Materials. Our market, in addition to the very well regulated South African market include Africa and neighbouring islands. We further install our specialist products in various countries across the world. The combination of my own 35 years of geosynthetic application experience; the companies 50 years existence; the variety of geosynthetic applications over the years; Aquatan’s geomembrane manufacturing experience since Clifford Gundle (Chairman of Aquatan) developed the wide sheet blown film manufacturing in 1966 and subsequently developed the seaming mechanisms still in use today, all adds significant depth to the contribution we can make to IAGI. I understand the manufacture and composition of geomembranes which often affects the specific application and durability of the material.

I graduated (BSc) from the University of Pretoria in 1976. I understand, fully support and apply the principles of QA, QC, proper project management, respect clients requirements and believe in innovative solutions, morally sound business principles and stakeholder relationships. As a result of the above I fully subscribe to the CWT and AIC principles of the IAGI and believe that there are ways to make it even more acceptable and successful.


2nd Vice President

Vincent Mondoux, FC Geosynthetiques


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Proud member of the extended Geosynthetics family, Vincent has been involved with liner installation since 2004. He began his promising career with the former Solmax Installation company before joining the FC Liners team in 2010. He currently acts as General Manager for FC Liners and more importantly, he is one of the founding members of the GeoGames project. Passionate, ambitious, and highly involved, Vincent is always looking for ways to innovate in the constantly evolving liner installation process. He is also very proud to be an IAGI member, taking on the responsibility of promoting, educating and information the major stakeholders. Like many other growing industries, challenges and obstacles lie ahead. Vincent embodies the leadership required to overcome them and represents the future generation that will take the wheel and drive the industry forward.



 Wayne Farrow, Jr.       Atlantic Lining Company


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Wayne is a 1995 graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a BS degree in Agricultural Engineering. He is responsible for all aspects of project management and project estimating, specification reviews, submittals, coordination of scheduling and products. Wayne is NICET Level II certified in Geonets, HDPE, LLDPE and PVC Geomembranes, Geotextiles and Geosynthetic Clay Liners. Over the past 23 plus years, Wayne has managed a wide range of projects from landfill cell and cap construction to methane barriers beneath warehouses, retail buildings and hotels to wastewater lined lagoons to commercial lined ponds.

Frank Taylor, the owner of Atlantic Lining Co., Inc. is a founding member of IAGI and worked on the Board for several years. Wayne assisted Frank with early reviews of IAGI installation specifications, etc.




Chris Eichelberger, Agru America


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Chris Eichelberger currently serves as Vice President - Technical Marketing for Agru America, the leading manufacturer of flat die, extrusion calendered geomembrane products and a leading manufacturer of geocomposite drainage products, geosynthetic clay liners, geotextiles, concrete protective liners, HDPE pipe fittings and other specialty products. His role includes oversight of the company's complete geosynthetics product line.

Chris holds a BS from the The Pennsylvania STate University and more than 16 years of experience in the geosynthetics industry including; divisional management, business development, contract administration, project management, constructability reviews, installation of products, specification and material selection and field experience in CQA of soils and geosynthetic materials.



Todd Harman, Hallaton, Inc.


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Todd Harman is the President and founder of Hallaton Environmental Linings, a geosynthetics installation company headquartered in Maryland. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree from Washington College in 1984, Todd began his career in geosynthetics working with a Mirafi representative in Baltimore selling products to engineers and architects, in addition to writing material specifications and handling distributors. In 1986, he became a partner in Hallaton Pty., Ltd., Australia marketing erosion and geosynthetic materials internationally. Todd founded Hallaton, Inc. in 1993, which is now in its 27th year of business. Todd served as two-time President of IAGI (International Association of Geosynthetic Installers) and continues to sit on the Board of Directors for the association.



Nicky Araujo, Servicios de Ingenieria Geosintetica, SA


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Nicky Araujo started his involvement with geosynthetics in 1985, working initially as a Field Supervisor for Field Lining Services in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1989, he decided to move back to Latin America and started Field Lining Services of Latin America, Inc. In 1993 a branch office called Servicios de Ingeniería Geosintetica, S.A. was opened in Costa Rica. Under his management, the group of companies has extended and now includes 4 offices in Central and South America. The companies provide engineering design services that incorporate geosynthetics, supply materials, and do the installation and CQC that the customers may require. The primary concern of the companies lead by Nicky Araujo has always been to provide the customers with the very best geosynthetics and the best installation that the project and the customer may require, which has resulted in these companies becoming a leader in the Latin American region. Constant training of the personnel has also been a key element that allowed Nicky to count with a team of professionals of exceptional qualities.



Eric Lamontagne, P.Eng. G.E. Environmental Solutions, Inc.


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Eric Lamontagne is a Professional Engineer in Canada.  He was introduced to Geosynthetics in 2001 where he started installing geomembranes.  During his time attending university, his summers were spent installing Geosynthetics, where he became IAGI certified.  After graduating from university, Lamontagne was hired as a Mine Engineer for Canada’s largest energy company in Fort McMurray Alberta.  During his tenure as a Mine Engineer, he worked in various roles, including reclamation and mine design.  In 2014, Lamontagne and his family returned to Saskatchewan where he took the role of Operations Manager with GE Environmental Solutions Inc.  Lamontagne’s focus was to grow the company in a sustainable manner, while providing insight from a mining and engineering perspective.  Geosynthetics have been a part of Lamontagne’s life for just under 20 years, where he still frequents project sites and continues to lend his expertise to design engineers, project owners, and earthwork contractors.  In 2017 Eric provided great insight to the engineer and general contractor and was an IAGI award-winning geosynthetic project in northern Alberta.  Lamontagne’s passion is to apply the new advancements in technology and research into the installation of geosynthetics.  Lamontagne sits on the board of directors of a mining association in Saskatchewan and is a volunteer with the local engineering association.  Lamontagne envisions the IAGI organization to continue to grow the Geosynthetic installation industry to advance the quality of our ever-changing infrastructure.  Eric Lamontagne resides in Canada with his wife and three children.



Managing Director


Laurie L. Honnigford

Managing Director

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