Founded in 1995, the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers is the professional association representing geosynthetic material installers and their industry partners. The first group of geosynthetic installers got together with the goal of advancing the installation and construction technologies as well as to provide a central clearinghouse for worldwide industry information. The founding members of IAGI were passionately committed to advancing the level of professionalism for geosynthetic installers. These founders created a strong organization that has evolved and continues to serve the needs of the industry 18 years later.

IAGI promotes the geosynthetic installation profession and advances the practice through education, communication and industry liaisons. IAGI works to increase the industry’s awareness of and appreciation for the professional geosynthetic installer.


IAGI strives to provide a forum for geosynthetics installers to advance installation and construction techniques, and to strengthen the knowledge, image and communication within the industry.