CWT Renewal

Every five years any welder holding a CWT must renew the certification.The renewal process is as follows:

1. Submit CWT renewal order form and renewal fee. This price includes fees for the laboratory tests.

2. Fill out the renewal form.

3. Provide a resume showing 500,000 square feet (45,000 meters squared) welded within the past five years.

4. Submit one field-welded polyethylene sample for each seam type subject to renewal, made in the presence of a third-party observer, to one of the two approved independent laboratories. (see page 8)

5. Have third-party observer sign off on the renewal form.

6. The renewal will be processed and successful CWTs will have their certification renewed for another five (5) years. A new wallet card and certificate will be sent to successful candidates.

 Complete documents for renewal:

Polyethylene Renewal Manual

PVC Renewal Manual

Reinforced Renewal Manual