Polyethylene CWT

The purpose of IAGI's Certified Welding Technician (CWT) polyethylene program is to recognize the knowledge, experience and skill of welders in high-density (HDPE) and linear low polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembrane welding. The exam consists of a written portion and a hands-on welding test. The hands-on portion is evaluated by a third-party testing laboratory. Test candidates must provide a resume of experience showing a minimum of 90,000 square meters (1,000,000 square feet).

Complete instructions for the polyethylene CWT can be found in the Proctor Manual. Click for the list of polyethylene materials needed to run the exam. The polyethylene exam is available in Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Indonesian and Spanish.


The CWT program is open to IAGI members and nonmembers. IAGI members receive a discount on the test fees. To order Polyethylene exams, click here.


Testing Fees (IAGI Members)

Testing Fees (Non-member)

PE General Exam and 1 seam

$320 (USD) $440 (USD)
PE General Exam and 2 seams $420 (USD) $530 (USD)
PE General Exam and 3 seams $465 (USD) $585 (USD)
PE General Exam and 4 seams $520 (USD) $620 (USD)


The fees for taking a retest can be found here. Retest Fees