Specifying Approved Installation Contractors (AICs)

 Specifying AIC

Companies achieving AIC status prove that they have made a commitment to implementing a business strategy that strives to get the job done right the first time- from experienced personnel to training programs for their field and supervisory personnel, to having the financial backing to overcome the daily challenges that happen on most construction sites. It is easy to specify an installer that has the AIC status for your next project- here’s how:

Engineers and Owners: If you want companies that have achieved AIC status on your next project, write that requirement into your project specifications. To make it easier for engineers and designers to include this information into job specifications, IAGI suggests the following wording:

“The Geomembrane Installer shall have current Approved Installation Contractor (AIC) status issued by the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers.”

It is likely that your internal company policies will specify additional requirements on the Geomembrane Installer and they should be added to the specification following the verbiage above. These requirements may include:

 The Geomembrane Installer shall have a minimum of (your company’s requirement) square feet/square meters of successful geomembrane installation experience.

The Geomembrane Installer shall document the ability to provide a performance and payment bond in the amount of (your company’s requirement).

The Geomembrane Installer shall carry insurance coverage in the following minimum limits (list project requirements).

As a valued member of the engineering and specifying community, we would like you to consider placing the AIC status requirement in your next specification.

For further information about IAGI or the AIC program, please contact Laurie Honnigford, IAGI Managing Director, at +1 (720) 353-4977 or e-mail [email protected].