How do we prepare our technicians for the written test?

A study guide is available. The study guide outlines the material the technician should know. Installation information can also be found in the Installation Guidelines.

How many technicians can take the test at the same time?

IAGI recommends up to 12 technicians per proctor.

What if someone cannot read or doesn't read well?

The Proctor can read the exam or monitor the reading process. If you have any doubt about the reading skill level, it is recommended that the Proctor read the exam to the test candidates.

What type of facility is needed?

To administer the written exam, you will need a room with writing surfaces and large enough to allow at least one vacant space between each of the test candidates. To conduct the welding portion of the test, you will need a warehouse with access to the necessary electricity and enough room to allow the technicians ample room to individually weld the geomembranes. Most Proctors will monitor 3 - 4 welders at a time for the hands-on welding portion of the test.

How do I locate a Proctor?

IAGI maintains a list of approved Proctors. Often, equipment and geomembrane suppliers have approved Proctors on their staff. There is a provision that allows a company to locate a local facilitator who would be willing to act as the Proctor. The Proctor prospect will need to complete the Proctor Application and attend an online training webinar.

There are rules for who can be a Proctor. Please contact IAGI at [email protected] to get more information about this option.

What geomembrane material is required for the hands-on portion of the exam?

You will find a list of materials needed listed under the exam you intend to take or you may contact IAGI and ask for the current list.

How do I order the exams?

All exams are sent to the proctor. The order form for all of the exams can be found here.

What does the Proctor do?

The company wanting the testing done will work with the Proctor to be sure the proper geomembranes are available for the hands-on welds before the testing begins. The Proctor orders and pays for (or arranges payment for) the test materials; brings the written materials to the testing site, and gathers resumes and photo identification before the testing begins. The Proctor monitors the testing and is present the entire time. After the testing is complete, the Proctor returns the written tests to the IAGI office and sends the hands-on portion to the approved third-party testing laboratory.

How long will it take to get test results?

You can expect results back in four to six weeks depending upon the time needed for test results to be returned and grading to be finished.

What is a passing score?

the candidate must pass the written exam with a score of 65 percent or higher. The hands-on exams are graded based on industry standards. For the polyethylene exam, IAGI uses GM19. For the PVC exam, IAGI uses the PGI 1104 Standard. Reinforced exams are graded using ASTM D4545, ASTM D751 and GM19.